Cheap Living on a Sailboat Is Fun and Smart Living

Not only was it a great deal of pleasure, residing the lifestyle that Jimmy Buffett sings about… It was really affordable, we’ve got all of this fun and invested about $1000 per month in doing this inz residence.

How can it be that cheap?


How expensive do you believe this kind of simple wardrobe would price? The solution isn’t much…

How about leasing? Sometimes, particularly in Trinidad we paid approximately $300 per month to get a slide that comprised energy and fresh water…which has been living high on the hog into some sailboat cruiser. About 80 percent of the period we had been anchored, near coast, and paid nothing. We felt particularly smug when we anchored near a fancy hotel, charging $500 per night…we paid nothing, had a much better perspective, and roamed across the hotel at no cost.

If you cruise, you stay away from the tourist places…such as the hotels known to above. After lunch, we’d eat where the locals ate. These areas were easy to find, we had two principles:first, we needed to be the only white folks in the restaurant and secondly, the menu needed to be about a chalk board. When we followed these 2 criteria, we understood it’d be economical and that the food could be new. Except for infrequent or special events, our breakfast, dinners and many lunches were on board, our very own ship or somebody else’s…that is economical people.

How about transportation expenses? We did need to get petrol to your sailboat and gas for the outboard engine on the dinghy, which got us out of your sailboat into the coast. The cost we generally paid was roughly the same as you’d pay in a marina at the US… Unless of course you’re in Venezuela, there we paid $.37 a gallon for petrol or gasoline. Getting around the island we used public transport, ranging from seven pennies in Venezuela for your bus into a buck a person to get a cab, typically a 14 passenger van, from the US Virgin Islands.

Inexpensive living, economical living on a sailboat, can be a great deal of fun… Who says you’ve got to get a great deal of cash to enjoy living?




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